Thursday, July 5, 2007

Australia A hub For Same Sex Couples

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Gay couples can soon jointly apply to migrate to Australia

KOTA BARU: Same-sex couples can apply jointly for skilled migration status to Australia from Sept 1 this year.

Previously gay couples needed to apply separately. Louis Lovestrand, managing director of local-based company Global Migration Solutions, said in the past, one half of the pair would have to migrate first.

The other would follow later on a complex inter-dependent clause. Global Migration is a registered agency that provides expertise in Australian migration and visas.

Lovestrand said in a statement faxed to The Star here that the changes allow the couples to use sponsors related to either party, adding that gay pairs only need to have proof of their relationship lasting the past one year. He said, however, the same-sex couples need to do more than live together.

“They must share some financial responsibilities to prove their relationship is genuine,” he said.

Malaysia is the ninth largest source of migrants for Australia, sending around 3,000 families per year. The largest three are New Zealand, Britain and China. tunku : last time it was a hub of prisoners from britain and soon will be hub for gays and lesbians.the world is coming to an end.may be this is good news to sukma and bung nuar

KOMENKU:Sepastinya pasangan kekasih Malaysia yang terkenal pernah naik turun mahkamah dan usung tilam di mahkamah…bergumbira mendengar perkhabaran itu. Moga-moga Allah menjauhkan kita daripada bala bencana seperti kaum Luth.

Kisah kaum Luth akan dipaparkan pada artikel akan datang, yang dipetik daripada buku:Kaum-kaum yang Pupus, tulisan Harun Yahya, Terbitan Saba Islamic Media Sdn Bhd. Belilah bahan-bahan bacaan yang baik seperti buku itu, suburkanlah pemikiran generasi kita dengan bahan bacaan yang baik dan membina.

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