Monday, February 18, 2008

Hindu Munnani seeks all-party committee to look into Malaysia issue

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NAGERCOIL: all-party committee headed by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi to look into the problems of ethnic Indians in Malaysia.
Hindu Munnani founder leader Rama Gopalan told reporters here today that ethnic Indians, especially Tamils, had made Malaysia a prosperous country but were "facing oppression" at present.

He said the political parties in Tamil Nadu should join hands to find a solution to the issue.

Gopalan had also led a demonstration in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Chennai yesterday.

The Malaysian police had used water canons and fired tear gas against a protest rally by the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) yesterday in Kuala Lumpur. - KERALANEXT.COM


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister is either stupid or trying to fool Tamil ethnic in Malaysia into thinking that the government of Malaysia has totally denied their rights. What this fellow thinking of in interrupting other country political issue. Look at how this fellow him self oppose the imposition of Hindi and want English to be the official language of India, these Hindi politicians do say this before, but then he say that they are not ashamed to have English, the symbol of their slavery under British rule, as the official language? Doesn’t he have any national pride?" But top politicians them self will be secretly sending their children to study in the language that they say is a reminder of their slavery to the British.

The same thing goes here, they are saying that they want to joint hand with our local Indians ethics but on the other hand there are trying to mess around with other country issues. Just bother your Tamil Nadu ethnic’s problem and stop acting like you are a peacemaker in this issue. Stop talking nonsense and interrupting other country political issues and try to think on how to handle your own political issues and your national corruption problem.

Let we Malaysians handle with our own problem since our Indian ethnics is under our own political control and we do serve them rights with no political standards compare to your own Tamil Nadu ethnics who have no rights and government denying to listen on their words which telling the truth about your own national political corrupt and your dishonest politicians. What a hypocrite!

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