Monday, April 14, 2008

Masalah Teknologi Babi Dari Jerman

image: [ Pigs in a stable in the village of Vesbeck in Lower Saxony where the disease may have spread. ]
German pig imports banned

Austria and the Czech Republic have banned the import of live pigs and pork from Germany following an outbreak of swine fever in two northern German states Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Lower Saxony.

Belguim has already imposed a ban on German pigs and pork products, and Denmark has said it is ready to break EU free trade rules in order to stop swine fever spreading to Danish pig-farms.

The Danes are the world leaders in pork production, and exported pork worth 23.5 bn corona($3.42 bn) in 1997. No case of the disease, which is highly contagious and usually fatal to pigs, has been recorded in Denmark since the 1930s.

European Union officials imposed a partial ban on live German pig exports on Wednesday, and may ask individual states to drop unilateral action in favour of the Union-wide rulings.

Swine fewer has spread from the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania to Lower Saxony, state officials said.

Breeders are tackling one of their worst outbreaks of the fever and the local agricultural ministry ordered owners in the region to slaughter more than 77,000 pigs.

The disease was first detected on one of the country's largest pig farms in Losten in the northeast where all 62,000 have been slaughtered.

German farm minister Jochen Borchert said Germany would combat the renewed outbreak of swine fever vigorously and chances of bringing it under control quickly were high.

"We have to prevent the spreading of the disease from wild boars to pigs," Borchert told journalists during the Green Week farm fair.

The EU is to monitor German measures such as tightening hygiene regulations and limiting the number of boar herds.


Sebagus-bagus kandang babi di Jermam pun masih lagi mempunyai masalah dengan kesihatan. Sekarang kerajaan Selangor nak gunakan teknologi yang sama daripada Jerman untuk projek babi mega mereka. Bersiap sedialah untuk rakyat kita kena jangkitan kuman babi ini. Bahan kumbahan bolehlah di kitar semula - KONONNYALAH, tetapi macam mana dengan udara? Bolehkan kita kitar semula udara di kawasan Sepang agar kembali bersih dan segar. Kalau boleh buat takdelah masalah macam artikel di atas.

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Anonymous said...

boars and pigs in germany are infected with disease and already banned by Austria and the Czech Republic which they are the two major importers of those pigs. so, why should the government of Selangor still insist of continuing the large scale project? don't they realise the risk? don't ever try to play the game as the germany authority still can't overcome the situation..! we are talking about a very big issue here..! we are talking about human lives..! not just those pink skinned with big nose animal..! it's gonna be a big scale disease if those pigs in Selangor are infected. it will be a big disaster for nearby community, Selangor state residents and Malaysian citizens if the disease spreads out to all over the country. don't they learn from what had happened to pigs in Melaka and Perak previously? try to put yourselves into their shoes in Melaka and Perak during that situation..
think.. feel.. use your all god-gifted mind and sense.